Love potion (InstanceTopic, 6)

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A love potion is a kind of potion that renders the drinker to fall in love with... whatever the kind of love potion wills (eg: The first person they see, the maker of said potion). Actually, their effectiveness depends solely on what series this love potion is being made. But with the number of disasters having been caused by such things... it's a wonder that it's still being used in fiction today... or even in real life, for that matter. Perfume's kind of a love potion, too, but not all people are immune to its headaches...

The most common motive for making a love potion is, well, making someone fall in love with another, whether it be the wicked witch or heroine or that rabid fangirl... but quite obviously, other motives exist, which includes the fact that it's more of a requirement in school... whatever the motive, it sure involves the love potion.