Event:2011 (Meta, no ontology)

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2011 is not the current Gregorian year.


February 3
The last five blocks of the IPv4 address space were allocated. [1] (We need large-scale IPv6 adoption, pronto!)

Kumizonian activity

February 2
The Gollum server has been upgraded, which seemed to cause a bunch of problems. They'll be fixed soon.
February 18
Kawachan 1.6 is released on its third anniversary. In addition, Kumizone is called Kumizone again (with an obligatory quick-and-dirty fix to the front page) and the server gets switched over to nginx because Keiji finally got fed up with Apache being retarded.
April 28
The total size of Kumizone articles hits one megabyte!
May 6
The total number of Kumizone articles hits 666.
May 27
Reached 700 articles! May the gods be with us.
July 16
Reached 6,000 wanted pages!
August 15
Both Kumizone and Subete PuyoPuyo were renamed to Compile Worlds, after a realization that pretty much the only thing the former is used for is to document the latter, which kinda diverged from its Puyo Puyo origins... The site also gets a new frontpage, which is long overdue and finally appropriate. Sadly for some, the imminent cleanup drops the number of wanted pages under 6000.
September 8
Compile Worlds reaches 6,000 red links...again.
October 7
Reached 800 articles!
October 21
Tokenese version launched.

Game releases

April 16
Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires
July 14
Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary