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The Neo Angol Project was one of many projects making up the key elements of Fake Arle and Ecolo's desires for Solar system domination in Compile Worlds. The projects ultimate intent was to recreate a more powerful and efficient form of the Synthetic Biology originally developed by Angol Mois, hence it's name. The groundwork for it had been laid since the Ekoro Arc, but it didn't come to light in the plot until the Gathering. It's only successful spawn, Neo Angol himself, was turned to dust by Ekoro anyway despite all of Fake Arle's work.


The project was started by Fake Arle at about the same time that Ekoro started his own cloning project, with at least one of the clones set to be made into a "Vessel", or a host body for the Synthetic Biology infusions. While Ekoro gathered Sho's DNA to create the first test clone, Fake Arle stole research about the synthetic biology from Angol's old base and the Professor in the Puyo Wars World in order to develop the infusions. In order to improve them though, she needed Life Energy, something which appeared in Puyo, though in minute amounts. She aimed to get this rare substance instead from the Planetary Hearts themselves, which would no longer need it after being replaced by artificial planets and magical dimensions. The vessels, once infused, would all have the same mindset of one individual, which would then be controlled by Fake Arle.

Next, she planned out her vessels. Initially, she had chosen five of them, Zeta, the second Zeta modeled in her image, Ringo, Daichi, and Gypsum. However, things became sticky rather quickly as Ami-Zeta died before birth, thus leading Fake Arle to have to compensate somewhere. She urged Ekoro to create the second Zeta, dissing Alpha and Omega in order to ensure that this vessel came out alive. Conveniently, two of the four remaining vessels were gathered for Fake Arle under the ADMA, and there were new candidates for the replacement fifth vessel. However, Lord Marcus XXXIX and Satan struck the ADMA HQ, causing Fake Arle to teleport them out of the building in order to keep her vessels alive.

After this, events surrounding the Tournament and the metalevels began forming. Fake Arle needed to keep up appearances to keep suspicion away from herself. Because of this, Fake Arle had to compromise yet another vessel, the clone Zeta, and settled on having only three vessels instead. She switched from Ringo to Marcus after the events of the Meteor Arc, after realizing that he had better mastery of his dark sorcery than Ringo did of her own magic. When Ecolo destroyed Primp, it gave Fake Arle the diversion she needed to steal more research from FGF Research Co., but Ecolo's recklessness caused a good chunk of the Life Energy she needed to be wasted. The redistribution of characters to the Compile Worlds allowed Fake Arle to kidnap Gypsum and Marcus as planned and infuse them. As a fail-safe and last resort, she took DNA from Daichi in the form of a strand of hair and combined it with Angol's DNA to make a Daichi-esque clone to be the final vessel in his place.

The Vessels

The first of the planned Vessels, she died before her birth due to a complication caused by an unknown error in her blueprints, attributed to Alpha by Fake Arle.
The second planned Vessel, she was to be created later in Fake Arle's own image. However, she had to be hastily created sooner due to unexpected complications and ultimately wound up as an unstable wreck that was absorbed by Omega.
The third planned Vessel. Ringo was chosen initially due to the immense potential Fake Arle saw in her power, and her curiosity about the Abyss; Angol's current residence, further fueled her choice. Ultimately though, Ringo was deemed too week and impudent.
The fourth planned Vessel, Gypsum was chosen specifically for being in such close proximity to Angol, also being Abysian and holding back power she didn't know she had. She was successfully infused and became the Angolian Dragon.
The last of the planned Vessels, Daichi himself was already a Synthetic Biology, possibly of Angol's own flesh and blood. Her infusions were to strengthen his power and bring him under her control. However, he was rescued by Angol, forcing Fake Arle to change her plans.
Marcus was chosen as a replacement vessel for Ringo when she was deemed too week. Being an Abysian of great power and having loose ties with Angol, he was an ideal choice, and was successfully infused. He became the Angolian Leviathan.
Neo Angol
A clone of Daichi and Angol Mois, he was the replacement vessel for Daichi. being the only one specifically engineered for the infusions. His Angolian Beast form was a strange human-like monster with Puyo-like jelly appearing in visible protrusions on his body. He was turned to dust by Omega despite being the strongest of his kind. Prior to Fake Arle's surrendering, she had plans to recreate him.