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Ecolo's Base, also known as the Mountain Base, is a large, mechanical palace-like structure that was situated in the Eastern Mountains of Primp in Compile Worlds. The malevolent Ecolo was based here while he was in possession of Ekoro during the Ekoro Arc. Several of Ekoro's clones were also birthed here.



In Compile Worlds

During Compile Worlds, Ecolo and Fake Arle discussed their evil plans here while Ecolo caused chaos throughout Primp and antagonized the ADMA. Here, Ecolo created the first clone, Alpha, to help him create the others. After Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Eta were created at the UT Base, Ecolo and Alpha returned here to work on Zeta, Theta, Phi, and the ultimate clone Omega. However, unpleased with the failure of Zeta, Fake Arle forced Ecolo to banish Alpha from the base and create a new Zeta in her image, also disowning the original design for Omega in the process.

During Episode 14, the ADMA, using a helpicopter helicopter courtesy of Nanako, flew to Ecolo's Base to launch an attack on Ecolo. Once inside, they roamed about a bit, seeing all the strange and disturbing machinery strewn about, as well as blueprints for previous and future clones. Once they finally reached the heart of the base, Ecolo was there waiting to taunt them. He launched Zeta and attacked the heroes, but ultimately lost when Zeta, Omega, and Theta turned traitor against him. Ecolo staged his apparent death and the collapse of his base into a black hole. (Which was, in reality, the Ekoro Dimension.) It was sealed away into an orb by Beta and kept under lockdown at the ADMA.

In The Meteor Arc however, Strange Klug pilfered the orb to mock Ecolo's defeat, seemingly aware that Ecolo had survived inside the entire time. Strange Klug uses the orb as a bargaining chip to send Andou Ringo on a fetch quest to release Alpha from his banishment so that he may recreate Phi, returning the orb to Ringo. At some undisclosed point in time, the orb later falls into possession of Omega.

Later, Arle Nadja and several others would accidentally end up inside the orb, learning that Ecolo was still alive and that his base was still intact, albiet in a somewhat distressed state. Later on, after Ecolo and many others vacated it, Satan "stole" the base to use as his team's home base for the Tournament. However, Satan's team rarely spends time here. Before the final battle, Amitie shatters the Ekoro Orb and absorbs the entire dimension, including the base, and converts it into raw magical power. The base is thus permanently destroyed hereafter.


Ecolo's Base has no real origin in any of the games. It was simply created on the spot as Ecolo's hiding place during the Ekoro Arc, for the climactic showdown to happen. As such, it is one of the landmarks that is unique to Compile Worlds canon.