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A role-playing game is a common genre of video game. Although the name can, when taken literally, refer to basically any game that has characters in it, role-playing games tend to involve lots of numeric stats including everyone's favorite the experience points which lead to rubberband AI and level grinding. They also often involve items sitting around outside all over the place, and give the impression that it's totally okay to steal things from people's houses, though it's absolutely unthinkable to pick locks. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that what usually ends up happening is some (un)lucky typical high schooler becomes the hero who saves the world, via the unsurpassable power of humanity, from an evil organization, huge monster, natural disaster or all of the above while the police and army either sit around doing nothing, are unaware of the otherwise impending apocalypse, or simply don't exist at all. Can you say "vigilantism"?

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