Magical girl (EntityClass, 7)

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A typical magical girl's transformation
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The magical girl is the second most common anime stereotype, only second to the spiky-haired protagonist. The typical magical girl struggles with a double life: one being her social girl life, and the other being her crime-fighting asskicking life. She usually specializes in white magic and has some sort of staff, wand or other seemingly useless item to help her transform and channel her powers. They usually have long hair, spend half their time in cute Japanese sailor outfits, and are associated with flowers and stuff. Personality wise, they usually tend to be stubborn and have an attitude, but they still have good morals and cheerful personalities.

Magical girls are notorious for being underaged girls who get pretty much naked sans random ribbons or sparkly dots to cover their shame as they transform either their costume, age or both. This is how they justify said nudity in ever episode of magical girl anime you'll ever watch. On some occasions, there will be magical girls who are of legal age, but this is very rare and they will turn out to either be secondary characters or cross that thin line from magical girl to busty superhero.