Puyo Puyo~n (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Puyo Puyo~n is a Puyo game set in the future after everyone grew up and got stupid outfits. It features Doppelganger Arle as the badass villain, and also has a bunch of stupid one-shot characters to follow her.


Satan is possessed by Doppel to make a demented Puyo carnival to capture Carbuncle with. Arle Nadja, Carbuncles "keeper", is apparently stupid enough to go to the carnival, and doesn't recognize Satan center stage doing stupid magic tricks. As a result, Satan easily swipes Carby. Then Arle runs into some old 'friends' of hers, her beat her up for being stupid, despite being stupid themselves. Arle is sent to some firey land by Kikimora.

In the volcanic area, she runs into Panotty, whom is still hopelessly trying to play the flute, and Draco, whom has a stupid new outfit. Draco is upset with her new outfit, so at first, she takes it out on Arle, then she realizes who she is and follows her. Then Arle somehow ends up in Waterland, where Nohoho tries to sell her a beachball. Afterwords, they ignore Suketoudara and find Seriri, who wants to fight with Draco. Seriri, however, was too shy, and was also envious of Arle, so she beat Arle up, then joined the group behind Draco.

Later on, the gang meets up at the Floating Island, where they find Harpy and Dragon. They beat them up and continue to find Witch, who is still getting off to a blueberry muffin. Witch, after she beats up Arle for fun, reforms the group with Draco as the leader, and moves on, getting the group lost in a jungle while she's at it. There they run into Chico, a little native girl, and let her beat them up out of sympathy. Chico then joins the group and reforms it with Arle as the Leader again. They argue about the leader until they bump into Schezo Wegey. Schezo still wants Arle, much to her chagrin, and the group duels him for the love of Arle. After Schezo loses, they end up back at the Puyo carnival. Witch says she lead them back in circles because she wanted some marshmallows.

Just then, Rulue shows up. Rulue as usual, is pissed that Arle is going to beat up Satan again, but she ends up being torched by Draco. Rulue then is forced to teleport them to Satan's Castle. There, Satan disables the group, sans Arle, and proceeds to do some more stupid magic tricks. Arle bitch slaps Satan into oblivion, which frees him from the spell of Doppel. Doppel then shows up and rips a hole in the Time Space Continuum. Doppel then engages in an epic battle with Arle for the sake of the world, The Neptune, and all other existence. Doppel gets killed, and Arle and Carbuncle are re-united.