Artificial Stupidity (ConceptTopic, 9)

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Artificial Stupidity is a common nickname for the concept of badly (and/or lazily) programmed computer players in video games. The exact phrase came from an old Transport Tycoon fansite which showcased screenshots of the game's AI building absolutely ridiculous routes from A to B. Common sights were a track crossing back and forth over the same river over 9000 times, or using a bridge to loop around over itself.

Of course, it can be applied to any game. Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & K are examples of bad platforming AI, where Tails insists on unnecessarily jumping and spindashing all over the place, even while you're standing completely still! The mobs in Minecraft are also examples of this excessive jumping phenomenon.

Yet another example manifests in Sengoku Rance, when the computer-controlled enemy strategist decides to place units with ranged attacks, such as archers and onmyouji, on the front row, where you can attack them easily, instead of placing them behind more defensive units.