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all cat girls lust for fish
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Cats are so freaking cute and fluffy!

Keiji wishes he has cats at home, but his stupid dad won't have any of it. He's staying up all night cause he's staying at some random people's house who have a cat. Yay~

Sadly, Kiks has allergies so she can't experience the wonders of cats.

However, ArleKaakun warns you to toughen up your calmness so you can calmly take care of cats so you wouldn't throw them out the window for their annoyingness.

And phobias being what they are, there are some people who hate them with a passion. Even then, isn't it ridiculous?


Neko is the Japanese word for cat and is one of the more awesome Japanese words in the internet.

ArleKaakun believes that the reason why female cats are called "nekos" by many is because the Japanese word has the feminine "-ko" (Used for the Japanese names of many girls) at the end.

Woman with 130 Cats

She exists...

Yes, we've heard of a crazy cat lady with more. Maybe Satori Komeiji-chan has this many pets, too.

> comparing the beautiful Satori to THIS woman
> my face

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