Ekoro's Orb (InstanceTopic, 15)

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Ekoro's Orb is the name of an object created in Episode 14 of Compile Worlds. It is a baseball-sized sphere, which contains a black hole, which eventually itself contained the Ekoro Dimension and Ekoro's Base. Beta created the orb in order to contain the black hole Theta and Ekoro himself accidentally created while trying to vanquish him in the Pre-Meteor Arc. The base and Ekoro were thought to have been killed by the black hole. The following episode, it was sealed inside the underground chambers of the ADMA HQ by Nanako for safe keeping. Later, in the Meteor Arc, the orb became a plot point when it was the target of Strange Klug's obsession, though he merely wanted it to mock Ekoro. Eventually, Klug obtained the orb. He claims he used forensic science to break into the chamber, though later events imply Nanako may have just let him have it in the first place. Regardless, Ringo bartered back for it later in the Meteor Arc.

At the very beginning of The Amalgamation, it was revealed that Ekoro and his base survived inside the newly created dimension inside of the orb. The same episode also revealed the only way in and out of the orb was through portals, since the orb wouldn't be breaking any time soon. The very next episode saw everyone, including Ekoro, escape from the orb, nearly abandoning it forever. Later, Satan and his team made base inside Ekoro's base, which technically put them back inside the orb again. The orb's physical whereabouts are currently unknown, due to it being shuffled around in the Meteor Arc.

Somehow, it found it's way into Omega's possession before Episode 41. It was given to Amitie, who was told to shatter it in order to unlock her true power. In Episode 42, Amitie did as she was instructed. As a result, the Ekoro Dimension was completely destroyed. Another side effect of this was that Amitie absorbed the entirety of Satan's team, transforming her into Red Amitie in the process. Juicihi caught this on monitor apparently, which is how all the events are linked...