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L is a new character in the upcoming Puyo Puyo Tetris. He is one in a set of inseparable twins, with the other twin being J, similar to Yu and Rei in Puyo Puyo Fever 2, or Arle and Carbuncle in more recent games. L and J are described as being mischievous, and you don't know what they're up to at any given moment. They especially like to antagonize their cowardly companion I. Like the other Tet Crew, his home is the Tetromino Planet.


L comes from the "L" shaped block in Tetris, with J being named after its mirror image to correlate with their twinship.


  • It was speculated early on before the reveal of the Twins and Z that L would've been the game's new boss character.
    • Another more far-fetched theory was that the L piece was being reserved for Lagnus the Brave, though that theory was just plain silly. (like most of Chao's theories)
  • In addition to sharing similarities to Yu and Rei, L also shares similarities with S design-wise.
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