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Knuckles the Echidna, also known as Knux, Rad red and Knucklehead, is a red, badass, anthropomorphic, spiny anteater from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is friends with and rival of the character of the same name. He usually helps his friends stop the outrageous evil plots of Dr. Eggman, but is also often fooled into working for the "good" doctor, usually either because of his own earnest nature, or out of desire for Rouge the Bat. His abilities include great physical strength, gliding and climbing walls. His home land is Angel Island and, until Sonic Chronicles, was the sole echidna left on the planet (technically though, he is still the last of his tribe/clan). His duty was to watch the Master Emerald for all eternity and protect it from evils like Eggman, Eggman Nega, Cornelia, and etc., but more and more recently, the rad red has been slacking off on this duty to participate in more and more activities with his friends.


Knuckles is known to be earnest and gullible, two personality traits that have made him particularly infamous. Knuckles however, is usually the first one to speak his mind, and usually stands his ground fiercely during heated discussion. An example of this nature is shown when he always remarks about Amy Rose's tendency to be extremely aggressive and violent frequently, especially when trying to get her way. Knuckles is sort of a lone wolf, usually opting to do more dangerous tasks or go on missions alone. This worries his friends despite the fact that most of the time, he can handle the situation at hand. Knuckles also has a habit to be quite cocky and competitive, especially when around Jet the Hawk, Shadow the Hedgehog and other rivals. Knuckles is kind of shy and sensitive in his mind though. Occasionally, this mental weakness shows up in the form of cowardice, which Knuckles is in frequent denial of.

Alternate Forms

Super/Hyper Knuckles

Like the rest of the crew, Knuckles can turn super with the power of the Emeralds. He flashes Pink while in this state, and he gains even more power, presumably greater control over Earth Magic/more powerful Earth Magic skills, can move faster, and becomes invincible. It is not known weather he still needs two sets of emeralds to maintain the transformation, or just one. Either way, Knuckles can overcome the obstacle of Emeralds with a conveniently placed S-Monitor =D.

"Golden Bubble" Knuckles

Knuckles, Like Tails, received the insult of this "Super Form" during the events of Sonic Heroes. Like Tails, this Golden Bubble is thriving solely of of Super Sonic's Energy alone, and only appears to serve Knuckles as a shield. Needless to say, he was probably pretty pissed off.

Relationships with other characters

Being a series Regular, Knuckles has had his fair share of time to build relationships with other characters, some more complex than others.


Knuckles is good friends with Sonic, although the two will still occasionally quarrel, such as when Knuckles steals control of the rocket in SA2. They were once rivals, but this has seemed to diminish over time, and eventually, the became friends.


Knuckles has probably his best friendship with Tails. The two spend time together often, and they even live with each other on occasion. That being said though, Knuckles is trying to "man up" Tails because he doesn't approve of his preserved nature.


Knuckles probably hates being around Amy more than he hates Eggman. He can't stand Amy's aggressive, defensive, and sometimes over-dramatic personality, especially when talking about Sonic and Amy as an item. Amy, similarly dislikes Knuckles' brashness and bluntness. They dislike working together, but they can if they have to.

The Chaotix

Knuckles is on particularly good terms with Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee and Vector the Crocodile. He hangs out with them occasionally, and once helped them save Netrogic High from certain Eggman-y doom.


To start with, Knuckles was tricked by Eggman into believing Sonic wanted to steal the Emeralds from Angel Island, so he worked along with him in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It's no surprise since, then, that Knuckles dislikes Eggman about as much as everyone else on the heroes' side. However, Knuckles continues to work for Eggman on a number of occasions, each time being tricked by him into thinking Sonic has done something to the all-important Master Emerald.


Knuckles, like half the other Sonic males excluding Sonic himself, fantasizes about being in bed with Rouge. Unfortunately, Rouge does not reciprocate, and it usually leads Knuckles into a bruised face.


Knuckles and Shadow have a rivalry solely because they both feel the need to be with Rouge.





The Cream Spree

Storybook series

Solo Career

Knuckles, like his buddy, Tails, has had a bit of a solo carer away from Sonic. However, unlike Tails, his solo carer wasn't so solo, and it wasn't nearly as long as Tails'. However, Knuckles has the potential to break away from Sonic again to do another solo adventure should he chose to. However, as with Tails, Knuckles will have difficulty continuing such activities due to more aggressive, powerful and serious villains entering the fray.

Knuckles Chaotix
In this adventure, Knuckles didn't actually have the starring role, and was actually only there to help the Chaotix and Mighty the Armadillo out, as Eggman had captured them in the process of taking over the Newtrogic High Zone. Eventually, Knuckles and his new "friends" would eventually have to be face-to-face with Metal Sonic. Perhaps it was Knuckles' own rebelious nature that caused Metal Sonic to stop taking Eggman's shit after their battle.

In other stuff

Knuckles is probably the third most popular character in the series, most likely only tied with Silver the Hedgehog, if anyone at all. Knuckles, like Tails and Eggman, has had numerous Plushies, Action Figures, Statues, Keychains, made in his image. While he did NOT get a shaped pasta made after him, he did have a small section(Roughly about 1/3 to even 1/2 of the book) of Sonic's comics to himself and his own sub-stories, making up for the lack of a Spaghetti-O's shape.


  • Knuckles is apparently an idiot, so he probably has female accounts on hentai sites.