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"Sonic 4" redirects here. For the 2010 game, see Oh, THAT Sonic 4.

Sonic Advance is, in gameplay terms, the only official candidate for a "Sonic 4". However, unfortunately, it just had to branch off from Sonic 2. Furthermore, SEGA has already announced released a different Sonic 4, therefore proving that Advance is just its own series. At least Cream the Rabbit and Cheese didn't exist yet.

Sonic Advance also set the stage for the later handheld games in terms of general format. Compare:

GameZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7FinalExtra
Advance 1GrassIndustrialBouncyIceSkyRocketSpaceBoss rushSuper Sonic
Advance 2GrassLavaBouncyIceSkyCyberSpaceBoss rushSuper Sonic
Advance 3UrbanGrassWater/industrialBouncyIceCyberRuinsFinal bossSuper Sonic
RushGrassWaterRuinsBouncyAirship/industrialSkySpaceFinal bossSuper Sonic
Rush AdventureGrassIndustrialUndergroundGhostlyIceSkyUrbanFinal bossSuper Sonic




Several tracks in Sonic Advance were actually remixes from Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. The remixed tracks include: