The Great Catastrophe (ConceptTopic, 11)

From Compile Worlds

The Great Catastrophe is the name of, well, a great catastrophic (set series of?) event(s) that Feli has alluded to numerous times in her divinations performed in Compile Worlds. Starting to see them in the Amalgamation, Feli was lead to believe that Angol Mois would be the one who would lead them out of it. While Fake Arle's Plans were never confirmed to be the catastrophe, Angol Mois did play a part in defeating her and stopped what would have been an extremely disastrous destruction of the Compile Worlds. Feli initially thought that the Tournament would be the catastrophe, but it merely turned out to be Nanako, Auriol, Ekoro, and Strange Klug screwing around. Feli became obsessed with preventing this catastrophe from happening during SHAME and the Gathering to the point that she abused the power of the Holy Dinner Shrine to become an angelic protector of the Madou World.

The exact nature of the Catastrophe has never been divulged in specific detail. In Episode 34, Feli described it as the world being plunged into chaos and turmoil, in which Primp was indeed destroyed during the Gathering. While no mention of it has been made in Compile ♥ Worlds, there is certainly no confirming nor denying if it has been truly averted yet or not. After all, the future is constantly changing place...