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Nintendo is a company best known for its video games and consoles. It took quite a downturn back in 2006 or so though when it came out with the Wii, which got a few pieces of awesome like Super Paper Mario and Fire Emblem 10, but ended up becoming a sink for non-games (and not of the good kind). This was obviously an executive decision, as the financial potential in exploiting the entire non-gaming market was pretty dang obvious. Sony and Microsoft caught up later with their similar failures titled PlayStation Move and Kinect respectively... and here's a demonstration of just how pathetic that was.

Said product for non-gamers was quite subject to opinion in other factions, though, because of its Wiimote of epic fail. The company tried to fix that, but as you'd know by now, it was too much for the company, so... yeah. Well, if it keeps selling that other one that prints money better (Not that we mind THAT), then this company'll remain forgiven for a while. Time will tell if that other one that prints money in 3D will be good, too...

Nintendo's history actually goes past just video games and its redemption in the West? Nintendo's actually been around before Mickey Mouse ever existed! ... but obviously, it wasn't a video game company the time. Its secret for success was... playing cards called hanafuda and a bunch of fancy toys. I dunno how THAT worked out, but obviously, it did... we'd go on and on about its history, but of course that's too boring and filled with fact, so...

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