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Rouge the Bat is an anthropomorphic bat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an agent of GUN and part time jewel thief, though sometimes she is seen contracting work for Dr. Eggman or whoever will pay her the most. She often takes up the role of an anti-hero in the series, providing Sonic the Hedgehog and friends with info and assets they need for her own gain.

Background information

Rouge has worked for GUN since her very first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2. She frequently demands payments in jewels, and takes part in their secret missions sometimes to benefit her own profit. In Sonic X, though, Rouge is coerced into joining the government after being captured and arrested from various high-profile jewelry thefts she committed. Temporarily, she was also one of Eggman's henchmen, and still finds herself attracted to the good doctor's antics despite no longer working for him. Since then, however, Rouge has made more of her spare time hanging around Shadow the Hedgehog and e-123 Omega (and Topaz in Sonic X), the only people who truly consider her a friend.

Rouge is a shady figure, with her ties to the government, Eggman, and jewel thievery giving her a variety of mysterious connections and sources of information. Often she pillages this info for her own gain, though she usually gives it to other people to manipulate them in some way too. Usually, Rouge is met with an incredulous attitude towards her, often much to her offense. Rouge primarily works from the shadows, preferring to keep a low profile for her own agenda. Plans often change when she sees that they can be made to suit her needs. Sometimes, she does something flat out for her own profit, such as when she planned on stealing six Chaos Emeralds from Eggman. She's aso quite a flirt, teasing Knuckles and Shadow many times throughout the series. Rouge also has a nasty mean streak, and much of her dialogue in Sonic Chronicles towards other characters is particularly snarky or sarcastic.

Rouge's abilities include flying and gliding with her wings, secret agent martial arts kicks, and being able to dig with her pick nails. She is also usually equipped with a variety of gadgets on any given mission, such as dummy ring bombs, bat bombs, and a treasure scope for seeing invisible objects. Because of this, she is a very formidable foe in battle. Her downfall is her lightweight and floaty nature; keeping her in the air is a key to victory in Sonic Battle. Rouge also excells in teamwork to an extent, shown when she seems to be the glue of Team Dark in Sonic Heroes and how she provides the missing link in Eggman's global domination schemes in SA2.


Sonic Adventure 2
Rouge makes her debut appearance here, as the treasure hunting character of the Dark story. Here, she plots to steal Eggman's Chaos Emeralds for herself while gathering data on Shadow for the government.
Sonic Heroes
Rouge again appears as part of a team, this time as Team Dark's flight member, as she and her team seek Eggman for his hidden treasure. When the treasure turns out to be clones of Shadow made by Eggman, Rouge consoles Shadow.
Sonic Battle
Rouge is once again seen here notably to try and make Emerl her pupil in thieving, but she gets fed up with him acting like Sonic and gives him back. She is also nursing Shadow to health for most of the story while he remains injured in her Night Club.
Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06
Rouge allies with Shadow and Omega again in these two titles, where she seems more interested in helping Shadow than ever.
Sonic Chronicles
Rouge is a support type party member acquired early one, though she easily falls into a state of uselessness past the beginning part of the game. She mostly makes snarky comments to Big the Cat and doesn't contribute much to the party's morale.
Sonic RP
In these appearances, Rouge is once again serving Eggman as his henchmen, though she primarily indulges in her own antics rather than actually helping Eggman.

In most other appearances, Rouge appears as an unlockable character to use in multiplayer mode. She is usually a Fly or Technique type character in these games, with her skill trading for power and agility.


Rouge is named after "Rouge", a type of makeup, which in turn is derived from the French word for "red". It is also similar to "Rogue". Her original name, "Nails the Bat", was probably derived from the fact that she used pick nails on her feet to dig, which contrasted with Knuckles, who used the knuckles on his fists to do the same thing.