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Eggman Nega is the insane descendant of Dr. Eggman in the Sonic series. Hailing from 200 years in the future, he craves world destruction as revenge against the world for making fun of his ancestor's failures. He's turned Silver the Hedgehog's world into a living hell, and will stop at nothing, even endangering Eggman himself, to get what he desires.

Background Information

Eggman Nega grew up as a descendant of Eggman. Unlike Eggman, who had well-respected ancestors and was not bullied, Eggman Nega was teased by his contemporaries due to Eggman's failures. This in turn, drove him insane and instigated a deep hatred for his relatives who cursed him with this reputation. Eventually, he went on a conquest of tyranny, overrunning the future and looking to control the past as well, attracting the attention of Silver and Blaze the Cat. He also occasionally travels to Blaze's world to wreck havoc, much to the chagrin of its inhabitants.

Eggman Nega is a cold, and cruel figure, having almost no regard for the living what-so-ever, not even Dr. Eggman. Despite this, he has an eerie politeness and charisma about him. He is also calculating, to the point where he will lose track of important details while he carries on rambling, as seen in the climax of Sonic Rush. Eggman Nega is completely insane; a psychopath with no common sense or morals. He will put his very life at stake carelessly in order to achieve his goals, seen in Sonic Rush Adventure, where he nearly obliterated an entire universe, including himself, without a second thought. Despite having the genius to harness such immense powers as described before, he lusts for more, and simply wants to reign as a cruel dictator, causing chaos and terror throughout his new domain. All of this sets him apart from Eggman, who is relatively tame compared to Nega.

Eggman Nega's skill set is identical to the good doctor's, though it seems he is also somewhat more advanced in creating machines of war due to his more destructive nature. It also seems he can harness Chaos Control to travel through both time and other dimensions to extend his wrath. His lack of common sense and disregard for life are his ultimate flaws. He also rambles a lot, leaving him vulnerable in a pinch.


Sonic Rush
Eggman Nega first appears here to team up with Eggman and kill Sonic and Blaze, intending for their two worlds to collide and cause a giant explosion.
Sonic Rivals
Eggman Nega is the big bad, clarifying his hazy origins and also threatening to turn the entire world into a card. Exactly what you'd do with a card of the world isn't really known, but he doesn't seem to care.
Sonic Rivals 2
Once again, Eggman Nega calls from the powers of Hell to defeat Sonic and gang, this time by making a satanic sacrifice of hundreds of Chao to the demon Ifrit. (Poor Chao! D:)
Sonic Rush Adventure
Eggman Nega teams up with Eggman again, only to endanger the entire universe with their Planet Buster Laser that neither of them were supposed to use. He is stopped only by the non-playable sidekick of the entire game. Derp.
Sonia and Silver: The S Factor
Eggman Nega also appears as the main antagonist of this well-made hack, replacing the usual ol' Eggy for once.

Eggman Nega also makes a variety of other appearances as a minor boss in spin off games.


Eggman Nega is derived from the "Nega" in "Negative", showing how polar opposite he is from the original "positive" Eggman.


  • "Hee hee hee... Time to die, fools!" - Sonic Rush Adventure
  • "Planet Buster Laser FIRE!" - Sonic Rush Adventure


  • Eggman Nega's coat is similar to Eggman's original coat, and the entire outfit features an inverted color scheme, with black-on-red as opposed to red-on-black.
  • Eggman Nega appears in the Archie comics under the pseudonym "Dr. Nega", but much like Cream the Rabbit, SEGA refused to license his character for a number of years, forcing them to hide his appearance with copious amounts of shading.
  • Eggman Nega is one of the only villains, besides Eggman and Metal Sonic, to consistently reappear in multiple games and antagonize Sonic and friends.