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Vanilla the Rabbit is Cream the Rabbit's widowed mother in the Sonic series. She is notable for having talents in brewing tea, sewing and cooking. Usually she supervises and authorizes Cream's zany adventures with Sonic the Hedgehog as long as she minds her manners and stays safe.

Background Information

Vanilla gave birth to Cream and was widowed sometime thereafter. She and Cream lived a peaceful life in Green Hill Zone (According to Sonic X) until she was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. Once Cream rescued her, however, she was kidnapped a second time and taken prisoner in space. After Sonic rescues her from the space boss of True Area 53, she returns to her quiet lifestyle with Cream, charming Vector the Crocodile and taking care of Gemel as a housekeeping robot.

Vanilla is a kind mother, protective of Cream. She is an excellent care taker, and welcomes almost all into her home with a motherly approach, including complete strangers. She is well mannered and known for her "strict discipline" in making sure that Cream minds her own manners. As a result, other characters tend to be superfluously polite around her to avoid offending her, especially Vector.


Sonic Advance 2
Here, Vanilla makes her debut appearance as sprites in Cream's ending and the good ending, being the damsel in distress of the game.
Sonic X
In the anime, Vanilla reprises her role as Cream's mother, searching for her and hiring Vector's Chaotix Detective Agency to keep her safe. She also seems to develop an interest in Vector, and at the end of Season 3, they walk together. (D'aww)
Sonic Advance 3
Once again, Vanilla appears only as a pixel art in the true ending, showcasing her daily life with Cream.
Sonic Rush
Vanilla's only 3D and speaking appearance in the games to date, she appears in a two whole cutscenes to greet Blaze the Cat as Cream's friend, and to later give Sonic her whereabouts.
Sonic RP
Vanilla reprises her role as Cream's Mother here, but has taken her relationship with Vector to a new level and occasionally joins the fight against Eggman herself.

I'd write something about her other appearances here, but that's it. That's literally it. She has no other appearances. :(


Vanilla's name derives from the Vanilla bean used to flavor various sweets. It also makes a pun on "Vanilla Cream" when combined with Cream's name.


  • Vanilla's name was only revealed through Sonic X's catch card, since in text the other characters only ever call her "Ma'am" or "Mama".
    • This even applies to Sonic X itself, which makes revealing the name all the more trivial.
    • The concept art for her even says "Cream's Mama" on it, rather than Vanilla.