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Touhou Project, also known as Project Shrine Maiden, is a game for crazy Japanese people and other lunatics that can somehow find the resolve to battle ginormous amounts of beam spamming and bullet hell. Some would say that the people who play it need psychological help, but it's still awesome (and the above would apply even moreso to people playing other danmaku goodness). Besides, it has dozens of lolis and kickass music (with even better remixes). These qualities have lent the series fans (actually just one, as far as we know, amongst the millions) who have never even got anywhere in the actual games themselves.

The series is about a fantasy land called Gensokyo, which magically attracts all the otherwise implausible characters that show up throughout. There's the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei, the magician-thief Marisa Kirisame (and she's got lovely sparks) and all sorts of mystical creatures like ghosts, youkai, living dolls... yup.

The series is brought to you by Team Shanghai Alice, whose only member is some drunk alcoholic many fans call ZUN, also a former Amusement Makers member (where Touhou really started). Wonder how old he was when he started drinking.

Despite the relatively typical genre of the games, the Touhou series has inspired a huge universe around it, not to mention all sorts of crazy memes.

Characters that actually matter

Listed in order of debut. For the missing ones, see Touhou PC98 and minor characters.


If all fangames are going to be included, this page will only be stretched unnecessarily, seeing how this series has much more fangames than even Sonic the Hedgehog.


So far, Touhou's not had a proper anime adaptation, mainly because until fairly recently ZUN was opposed to the creation of a Touhou anime.

There have been three attempts at very short anime adaptations...

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