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Tewi Inaba is a rabbit in the Touhou series and the master (mistress) of all Eientei. She's ten times luckier than a 4-leafed clover because of her foot and impossible deed: bribing Lady Luck with lots of stuff once the lady keeps her lucky 'til the end... which is probably one eternity later. She's a real prankster who likes to bribe and lie to people for the hell of it, and she doesn't like listening to people at all. A common victim of pranks is Reisen, who is a useless little bunny, only good for sex appeal. But do excuse the fun-loving 1300-year-old 7-year-old~

As the master of the rabbits in Eientei, she's the lady you must speak to whenever you want to live in Eientei, the home of looong corridors that need one hell of a janitor to keep clean. Kaguya and friends are lucky enough to be permitted without being lied and pranked to (Except poor Reisen). Hopefully, the clears up everything for you and Reisen.

Also known by Keiji as the Goddess of Speed for having bribed some guy into making Usatei.