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Chen is a two-tailed nekomata from Perfect Cherry Blossom, and is undeniably the cutest catgirl in all video gaming existence. As Ran Yakumo's shikigami, she can be referred to by the full name of Chen Yakumo, though this is not used very often. She uses black magic, which might be quite unexpected from her outward appearance... then again, that's how Japanese myths go, right?

Since Chen is just a little kitten girl, Ran is like a mother to her. With that said, you'd better steer clear of them, as if you do anything to her you'll most likely die a horrible, painful death. Well, that's if you can survive the massive nosebleed you'll get from her cuteness beforehand anyway, or the uncontainable temptation to yell "CHEEEEEEEEEN!" whenever you see her. Heck, even Ran herself is overwhelmed by her cuteness!

Chen is the guardian of Mayohiga, where she lives with her mistress, her mistress' mistress, and over 9000 more cats. However, despite being its guardian, she's been known to invite travellers 2/2ReimuMarisa to plunder their lucky charms, though this may just have all been a big misunderstanding.

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