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Marisa Kirisame is the master thief of everything, most noticably Patchouli's books and Alice's precious thing. Like Alice, she's a magician. But unlike Alice, whose species is Magician, she's a human with the occupation of Magician. Despite the two's bickering, they still love like love each other - although this doesn't stop Patchouli and Nitori from longing for her. Mess with this "ordinary" witch and you'll find yourself bombarded by bombs coming from her bloomers, butt-attacked for massive damage, or shoop da whoop'd!!!

Like Reimu, she likes to save the day... except it's just for the heck of it or for the treasure. She's just as powerful as Reimu but instead of talent, she has to work her butt off to be as powerful as the miko. She's a kleptomaniac and this bad habit of hers gets worse everyday. She's kind of a liar and meany, but deep inside, she's really honest and hard-working. Smart gal, but really straightforward, because she thinks magicians should wear dark clothes and dark clothes hide dirt quite nicely.

Huh? "A witch with purple clothing [and red hair and eyes] has the same theme and resemblence to her"? Yeah... that very witch is her. And for some reason nobody knows, she has wings in the very first game she considers dark clothes and badassery.


Being strangely even more popular than the obvious choice Reimu, Marisa has appeared in multiple fangames, including Super Marisa Land and Super Marisa World. The former replaces all the Mario powerups (mushroom, fire flower, etc.) with head proportions (known ones are 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8) clearly labelled at the side of the game screen, while the latter goes even further and gives Marisa ridiculous speed and a huge range of moves, including a drill jump, using a broom for helicopter flight, throwing Yin-Yang orbs in either fireball or hammer patterns, and god knows what else.

Laser is Not Difficult

  • Concentrate your mind.
  • Mutter the spell into the Mini-Hakkero tenderly.
  • Aim at someone you don't like.
  • Unleash your annihilation of love!

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