Eirin Yagokoro (EntityTopic, 7)

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Eirin Yagokoro is a Touhou character who made her debut in Imperishable Night. Raise your right hand like Kaguya Houraisan does, and she'll help you. EIRIN! EIRIN! TASUKETE EIRIN!!! *raises right hand*

One day Kaguya came to her and was all like "yo, i wanna be immortal", so she made the Hourai Elixir for Kaguya to drink. This resulted in Kaguya being "impure" and she finds herself exiled to the "equally impure" Earth. Decades later, the exilers and Eirin come to pick her up, but she thinks the moon stinks like cheese, and so, Eirin killed the people she hung out with on the way, bribed the witnessing Earthlings with the very same Hourai Elixir, and decided to tag along with the princess. With Tewi's permission, she and Kaguya then became the master of all rabbits, notably Reisen. As you might imagine, this makes it REALLY DIFFICULT to screw with Touhou Mother's story wherever Reisen's concerned...

Nowadays, she's usually found amusing the princess, making shady drugs for people like Alice and giving Reisen punishment times~<3

Also, she has a really long...... corridor. What were you expecting me to say?