Satan's Castle (Primp) (InstanceTopic, 40)

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Not to be confused with Satan's Castle (Madou)

Satan's Castle is a large castle that the villainous Satan lives in Compile Worlds and Compile ♥ Worlds. It is from here that Satan devises his schemes to make Arle Nadja marry him.


Satan's Castle is in the northernmost region of Primp, near a bunch of other sinister looking locations, perfect for Satan's tastes. The castle itself is in the shape of a very, very, very tall tower. From the ground, one would not be able to see the top. There are both above and underground floors inside the castle. Unlike his castle in the MadouPuyo games, Satan was nice enough to include the modern day convenience of a better system elevator. There are also (still safe) stair cases between each floor. In the basement floors, Satan keeps wedding gifts he has presented to or intends to present to Arle. It is currently unknown how many floors are in Satan's Castle, but if the Muffin Town replica is any indication, there is at least 7 above ground and 2 below ground. The peak of the castle overlooks Primp above the dark clouds, perfect for an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.

In Compile Worlds

In Compile Worlds, the castle was the main base of operations for Satan. In Episode 2, Arle was on her way here to rescue Carbuncle, only to find that Satan was attempting to lure her into a trap. Satan tried to load her into a rocket, but several of Arle's "friends" forced the rocket to crash land on the Neptune castle instead, forcing Satan to flee. Later on, while Satan was fumbling around in the Abyss and the rest of Primp, Angol Mois claimed the castle as a home base for his team in the Tournament, much to Satan's anger. Angol did some interior decorating inside the castle while Satan stormed off. Satan however, returned, with some unexpected help, in order to eliminate Angol and relinquish his stolen castle. After averting the destruction of the castle at Angol's hands, Angol was disqualified, and Satan reclaimed his castle.

Unfortunately for Satan, it turns out that not long after that Ecolo would accidentally the entire Primp, causing this castle to be lost in the destruction forever.


In the official SEGA games, Primp has no equivalent to Satan's Castle. This castle is thus based on the version of his castle that appeared in the Puyo series and various Madou Monogatari games instead. There is also a mysteriously spooky looking tower in Primp during the events of Puyo Puyo 7, where Satan joins the group, which this castle is also based on. (Mostly location-wise, in relation to the rest of Primp.)