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nmn, commonly thought to stand for not my name, real name John White Chadwick, is a programmer from the USA who claims that all of his attempts to develop a program end up in a brutal fight, nothing, or a half-built piece of crap. Sounds quite like Keiji, though we can all agree that nmn is the better programmer. Like all programmers worth their salt, he also likes kittens and lolis. He knows C/C++, PHP, Javascript and XHTML (like that counts).

Currently, Nmn's hiring for lolis. If you have what it takes, hope you can find his e-mail, because the FBI would have it if it were posted here. Needless to say, the FBI has Nmn's e-mail address. In addition, it is unknown whether Nmn himself is actually part of the FBI. One day, someone asked if he was and all he could say was "Oh my goodness! What if I AM? Son of a bitch, I'm really good at deceiving me..." Later on, it was found that he wasn't kidding, he actually really was that stupid.