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Ella is a maid that lives in a mansion somewhere in Station Square or Central City. She is somewhat overweight, and according to the English dubs, either Hispanic or German. She practically served as a parental figure to Chris Thorndyke, since his parents weren't actually ever around. Ella, like Vanilla, can cook very well. However, she also has expert housekeeping skills.


Ella is generally very friendly. She is also quite benevolent and charismatic, considering she raised Chris for several years of his life with Mr. Tanaka. However, they may have just been doing that following instructions left by Chris' Parents. However, she has the ability (and physique) to take charge when necessary, and can show off quite a few hidden talents when her friends are in danger, such as flying one of Tails' Planes and actually using it to bomb one of Dr. Eggmans. Apparently, she also gets a kick out of competitions, as she entered the Sonic Battle tournament, and beat the crap out of poor Big the Cat with her big-ass frying pan. Ella also makes delicious pies that are the object of Bokkun's affection (Besides Cream the Rabbit).


Sonic X

Ella appeared in the first 2 seasons as a support character, providing the heroes with an extra hand whenever she could. She, Amy Rose and Cream all seemed to get along together. Ella got some help after Vanilla joined the cast in "The Chaotix Detective Agency". However, closer to the end of the second season, Ella began appearing less frequently.

Ultimately, her role was replaced by Vanilla in seasons 2 and 3, though she didn't get as much screen time due to dubbing cuts and plot circumstances (and possibly voice actress trouble).


  • "Ella" is a typical woman's name, but it is also a Spanish pronoun/article for female.
  • Ella is voiced by Mike Pollock in the English Sonic X. Pollock also voices Eggman.
    • Both Ella and Eggman are fat, and have names that begin with "E".
  • As noted above, despite being a maid, Ella can fly a plane.
    • Ella can also apparently use all of the functions of the said plane as well, including the weaponry.