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Bokkun is a cute little messenger demon created/hired by Dr. Eggman. Apparently, his job is to give out exploding TVs to Sonic the Hedgehog in order to inform him about Eggman's latest schemes. Sometimes however, Bokkun is placed in a more direct and helpful position, such as controlling the Egg Golem in one of Eggman's old bases. Bokkun has an affinity for sweets, and will often go out of his way to get them, even if it means betraying Eggman.


Bokkun is generally energetic. He is bouncy and somewhat hyper active, though nowhere near as much as Charmy. Sometimes he acts obnoxious or cocky. Usually this gets him into trouble, and exposes his soft, sensitive side. He is often bullied and teased by even Eggman and his higher minions (such as Shadow and Rouge), but sometimes, he gains a certain respect. He is also easily frustrated, which leads him into failure. He also has a crush on Cream the Rabbit, as evidenced by her picture inside a heart shaped pendant he carries around. Rouge often uses this crush to blackmail Bokkun, despite the fact that Rouge knows Cream and Bokkun shall never be. Due to all of this, he is, in a sense, Eggman's version of Sonic's Chip, though Chip does not actually turn traitorous for either sweets or Cream.


Sonic X

Bokkun frequently appeared on Sonic X as one of Eggman's main lackeys, where he did what he does best; annoy Sonic and co. with his exploding TV's. Particularly however, there were times where he would go against Eggman's plans. Many times, characters such as Ella, Rouge and even Chris would use Bokkun's sweet tooth or lust of Cream to trick him or blackmail him into going against Eggman. Usually, he is completely ignorant of such, and is seen running back to Eggman the next episode.

Sonic RPG 2

Bokkun was originally going to be one of Shadow and Rouge's helpers in the game, but he was later scrapped for E-123 Omega.

Hero Chao and Dark Chao

In the very oldest versions of this game, in the Tournament arena, one round would be against a group of messenger demons called "Bokkun's Pride", suggesting they were Bokkun's apprentices or trainees. Bokkun himself may have been in the round of demons, but the creators have since forgotten; the files long since lost.


  • Bokkun very heavily resembles a Dark Chaos Chao, which caused some to believe he was a mutated version of such. However, he lacks the normal characteristics of a Chao.
  • Rumor has it that Bokkun may have actually been created by Eggman.
    • If such is the case, he would have been the first biomechanical robot ever created by Eggman, long before the advent of the Cream and Shadow Androids.
  • There is an "M" on Bokkuns belt. However, no one knows what it stands for.
    • One possibility is that it stands for "Messenger".
  • Bokkun is the second official character not counting Chaos or the Chao to have Yellow eyes.