Basement Cat (EntityTopic, 13)

From Compile Worlds

As the saying says, all things must have an opposite. Ceiling Cat is no exception... and this is where Basement cat comes in! Basement cat is to Satan as Ceiling Cat is to God. Those two are the most 3P1C rivals ever, beating Red and Green in terms of epic rivalry! Unlike CC, who watches you bake bad bread, BC MAKES you bake bad bread, and through all means possible!

Basement cat isn't as well known as his mortal enemy Ceiling Cat, Longcat, Shortcat and the like. Nevertheless, he's still worshiped by a fair few. Also, there was this prophecy that BC shall nuke CC to death, thereby ascending to the attic, making all things white and fluffy black and fuzzy! 'sides, he's the only one who can defeat CC... as much as vice versa. So, there's chance that this prophecy is cowpoop. Hail the Ceiling Cat!