Shadow Cannon™ (InstanceTopic, 18)

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The Shadow Cannon™ is an overpowered weapon in Compile Worlds. It was created in The Abyss by Steve, who was probably hired by Satan or Lord Marcus XXXIX to develop it. Regardless, it was seen in possession of The Librarian, who promptly demonstrated it's power. The weapon shoots huge beams of dark winds out of it at high velocities, proving difficult to stand against even to a first class white mage. The weapon itself is flame-retardant, and flames can actually ignite the beam and make it even more damaging. The weapon only deactivated/ran out of ammunition when The Librarian was murdered from behind it. It was last seen in still in The Abyss, where it seemed to have been accidentally abandoned by both parties who were arguing over it's possession.

Big Ass Shadow Cannon™

In Compile ♥ Worlds Episode 65, a huge, modified version of the Shadow Cannon™ known as the Big Ass Shadow Cannon™, appeared as the primary weapon on Praline's Praline Master Airship. Due to it's immense power and massive size, it was easily able to destroy a good part of the FGF Airship in a single blow. However, it required constant maintenance in order to be usable, and was disabled when Noire killed the goons manning it from within the depths of the ship. It was unknown what Angol Mois did to the weapon's technology other than making it available in jumbo-size.