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Tiara Boobowski (yes, Boobowski), is a would-be character from the canned game Sonic X-Treme. Her role was always important, but it varied as the game reached various development problems and other delays.


Originally, Tiara was created as Sonic the Hedgehog's playable tomboy love interest for the game, setting the stage for "romantic tension" in the plot line (Because we ALL know Sonic loves romantic tension). Her gameplay was to be a variation of classic Sonic's gameplay, except she would launch back and forth between many different planes in the background and foreground, akin to Clockwerk Knight 2 apparently. She was also to have various magical attacks with a scepter. Time constraints forced her playablity to be scrapped early on, though she was still worked into the story as a key character. In early drafts, Sonic's objective was to have a romantical date with her, collecting the Chaos Emeralds to make jewelry for her. Later on, she was made the daughter of a scientist, Dr. Gazebo Boobowski, after the story changed. Eventually, she became exactly the opposite of what she was created to be: a damsel in distress. Eventually, she, along with Sonic X-Treme itself, were cancelled all together, and vanished from existence until the Sonic X-Treme team came forth.

Since Tiara never appeared in a game, it's hard to say what exactly her personality would have been like. However, her creators insisted that she would be more of an active female character, one whom Sonic could meet her match in. She was also planned to be unlike the girly stereotype portrayed previously by Amy Rose, having an attitude and being helpful in Sonic's adventures.

Tiara was to have all the standard abilities of a playable Sonic character, with her character-exclusive ability being to wield a magic scepter to attack Badniks with.


Tiara's name comes from the crown Tiara itself, which may have been a reference to her original status as a princess.

In Alternate SEGA

In the Alternate SEGA metaverse, Sonic X-Treme is actually created and launched on the Dreamcast, thus Tiara also exists in this timeline, predating Amy as a playable female character by a number of years.