Satan's Castle (Madou) (InstanceTopic, 25)

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A room from the YON version.

Satan's Castle is a large castle belonging to Satan. It is in the Madou world, unlike most of the locales featured in Compile Worlds. It is the residence of Satan in the Madou world, and as such is his base of operations. While Satan also has a castle in Puyo Puyo~n, that castle is far in the future, as far as Compile Worlds canon is concerned. In Subete, the castle is also implied to be Satan's ridiculously huge tower from Puyo Puyo TSU (and possibly Puyo Puyo SUN), as evidenced by its described appearance.


Satan's Castle was described to be made of stone, and be dusty. At its exterior, several large Carbuncle-themed columns paved the way to two large double doors, and a large statue of Carby sat on top, looming over anyone who enters (because we all know Satan practically worships the damn thing. On the interior, it was equally dusty and archaic in architecture. It also had a somewhat faulty elevator, which played elevator music, much to the ADMA's surprise. As to be expected, there were also several flights of staircases to use in case the elevators were busterd[sic].