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Nico Nico Douga is a Japanese video-sharing website, said to be the number one most popular website in Japan. It is an excellent source of Vocaloid and Puyo Puyo Fever videos.

Nico Nico Douga requires user registration to view videos, but unlike YouTube has no time limit and does not have horrible problems with Linux (YouTube, Flash and Linux settled their differences years ago are still a recipe for disaster).

Like YouTube, it has very annoying intermittent issues with loading videos too slowly.

I don't want it to load, I want it to play!

SEGA wants to convince us that Puyo Puyo loves NicoNico Douga so much that they stream lots of noobs playing Puyo 20th on it alot. In fact, they've just announced another stream of noobs playing Puyo on Nico! There's also a an impressive run of a guy beating Puyo Wars in 100 turns on there that is referenced rather often by Compile Worlds junkies to get the dialogue from the game, since playing the game itself to obtain it is kind of hard when it's not in your native language.


NicoNico means smile in Japanese, and Douga means "video". The website's name is literally "Smiling Video", with the mascot being two smiling TVs fit into the "ko"s of the NicoNico text. Like many Japanese mascots/logos, it's completely adorable and utterly creepy at the same time.

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