24 Hour Internet TV (ConceptTopic, 20)

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24 Hour Internet TV (ぷよじかんテレビ Puyo jikan TV), also known as Not Puyo Puyo 8, is that "secret Puyo announcement" SEGA hyped up on the same day Pokémon X and Y were announced. It is a 24 hour Nico Nico Douga broadcast, presented by SEGA, that will air on February 2 and February 3, and it will discuss Puyo titles, from the classics all the way to the latest releases. It will also feature a special "mascot guest star" (in before Erika Toda). Those expecting a Puyo Puyo 8 to emerge from the announcement are left with disappointment, but Keiji insists a new game would've fucked up Compile Worlds and Madou Puyo Fever Wars anyway, so it's totally okay~!

...and Keiji also thinks that this broadcast is NOT the excuse to have a big reveal for the Puyo 8 announcement either.


The "24 hour" part of the title is a pun; fans of Puyo know that 24 is the number of Puyo Puyo, so "Puyo jikan" can be "Puyo time", but it can also "24 Hour(s)". As such, an alternate reading of the title could be "Puyo Time TV".