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Luigi is a character in the Mario series, where Mario is his evil red clone brother. He is one of the primary protagonists, rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser on a nearly constant basis. Despite all the trouble he goes through to rescue her, he never gets a single bit of appreciation for it and has to watch as she gives Mario all the credit for his work.


Luigi appeared in Mario Brothers as Mario's twin brother, merely a recolor of him. While he eventually got a unique design of his own, it would be several years before the games would finally acknowledge this and give Luigi a separate set of graphics (which is ridiculous since Super Mario World uses compressed graphics anyway). The N64 era changed things for Luigi when the side series were introduced. Usually in these titles he's nearly equal to Mario, and can easily take the spotlight position in the single player campaigns. Luigi got his first REAL starring role when the epic GCN arrived in 2001, with Luigi's Mansion being the launch title. To much excitement, a sequel to this game is to be released on the 3DS sometime between 2011 and 2012.

Luigi, until Wario and Waluigi's introduction, was usually the butt end of the jokes in the Mario series. It still occurs every now and again where Luigi is a joke character. In earlier titles, Luigi was worse off than even Johto Pokemon. Now a days, Luigi finally has the respect he deserves, though he is still modest and humble despite being spoiled for his mistreatment. He is also pimpin now, because of both Daisy and Rosalina, both of which who are easily more desirable than Peach. Though Luigi is cowardly, he can get down to serious business in the thick of it.