Event:2012 (Meta, no ontology)

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2012 is not the current Gregorian year either.

Kumizonian activity

February 18
As Kawachan reaches its fourth anniversary, Compile Worlds enters its final arc, and there's once again a new front page to reflect this.
May 13
Serra claims the title of 900th article! The next milestone is that big 1,000! :D


December 21
The world is predicted to end by many. Others have "corrected" the belief by saying that what was really meant was the end of the world... wide web, thanks to all this SOPA/PIPA/ACTA nonsense. We here at Compile Worlds shall keep calm and carry on to see what actually does happen on that day, if anything.
It turns out that the Mayans were actually predicting the billionth view of Gangnam Style on YouTube, for that is what actually happened on this day. And as Nostradamus predicted, the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be 9.