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The Yogs (erroneously spelled as Youggs by YouTube user magnedeus) are cyclops demons in Madou Monogatari. They serve as the main antagonist, and collectively, they form Yoggus, the demon of dimensions. Since Yoggus is the demon of dimensions, he can simultaneously exist in all dimensions at once; if he is defeated in one dimension, he can simply reappear in another. Yoggus ambushed Lagnus' world as his smaller Yog selves at first, and then when Lagnus defeated them, they gathered into one. Lagnus cornered Yoggus at the Grand Sealing Tower and "defeated" him after a long struggle, but Yoggus was (mostly unintentionally) called into the Madou World by Satan at this exact moment, taking Lagnus with him.

When Yoggus is split into smaller Yogs, the Yogs plant Wicked Seeds everywhere frantically. The Wicked Seeds germinate into plants nearly instantly. The plants of the seeds then spew out a pestilent smoke that causes anyone who inhales too much of it at once to go insane, and that's NO good! Carbuncle's laser is apparently the only thing that can destroy the Yog's Wicked Seeds.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that the reason Yoggus can simultaneously exist in all dimensions is because the Yog Swartus exists in the Boundary Space; a "world" that exists in the direct center of all worlds and allows the creature to clone itself and manage the Yoggus selves in all other worlds. Once it invades a world, it memorizes it's location, and continues to attack it until it has driven the entire populace of the world insane with its Wicked Seeds and feeds on their insanity until there is nothing left. After the 8 Yogs are defeated, Yoggus himself appears in the spacial rift below Satan's Tower in the Underground Shrine and Satan holds him back. When Arle and co arrive and defeat Yoggus, Satan keeps the rift open to allow them into the Boundary Space and defeat the one and only Yog Swartus. Afterwards, the Boundary Space and the Yogs are destroyed forever, and peace returns to the Compile Worlds.

Kinds of Yogs

  • Yog Swartus
  • Yoggus
  • Yog of Corruption
  • Yog of Pollution
  • Yog of Power
  • Yog of Anger
  • Yog of Temptation
  • Yog of Lust
  • Yog of Cowardice