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The Infomaniac is a crazy dude from Lego Island. The game likes to fool you into thinking his role is to be the "guide" of the game - you know, the guy who's always over your shoulder telling you what to do even when you don't want to hear it - but his real job is to break the game in every way imaginable. He also appeared in Lego Island 2, but by then he had resigned from his post of Glitchmeister since it was too much hard work breaking the game 24/7 the second game is broken enough already without needing his help.

  • Quote: TIMP
  • Keiji: Still finding new plot ideas to incorporate? :3
  • Chao: Yeah, I'm working on it.
  • Chao: There's a couple of holes in what I have so far I'm having trouble filling in, but as there are more epic revelations (and retcons) I'm getting more ideas
  • Keiji: Anything involving the Glitchmeister?
  • Chao: Other imagining a silly scene with him and CC1000, nope. :o
  • Keiji: well we don't want to put any huge plot in for him lol
  • Keiji: Because he would probably just break it anyway
  • Chao: oh god no lmao
  • Chao: no Infomaniac arc for you
  • Keiji: LOL
  • Keiji: The Infomaniac accidentally the entire island! We need to stop him!
  • Chao: But first, we should change the flowers and put the CD in the computer
  • Chao: room
  • Keiji: LOL
  • Keiji: the computer room oh my god
  • Keiji: doesn't it need to be the other way round
  • Keiji: without the CD in the computer (room), there are no flowers to change
  • Chao: :O You're absolutely right. AND WE CAN CHANGE THAT....if this chair wasn't in the way. But Hisui is Hisui.
  • Keiji:
  • Chao: Chuck Testa says nope.
  • Keiji: Oh my god I am laughing so stupidly loud right now
  • Keiji: I think the entire neighborhood just heard me complaining about there being a chair in the way
  • Chao: dhfahfkhjkLOL
  • Keiji: I'm still laughing

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Really? Aren't there enough potholed into the article already? Fine then, go listen to this important message from the Infomaniac.