Zeeky H. Bomb (EntityTopic, 25)

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Zeeky H. Bomb is a bomb with a happy face that stars primarily in The Demented Cartoon Movie. He is best known for saying The Zeeky Words and causing numerous nuclear explosions and subsequently, the death of most of the cast, including himself. He antagonizes Qrrbrbirlbel with his antics until the movies climax, where he blows up Evil Blah and his lair with a nuclear explosion.

Zeeky Bomb was also made into a cheap, but awesome MUGEN character created by NeoKamek. Here, all of his attacks are summons of other plot elements from TDCM, including Blah Guys, the Mars Rocket, the Machi Blah guy, Boing Gloing, a random H-Bomb, Mr. Weight, Mr. Big Shoe, and Fooby the Kamakazie Watermelon.