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Neko Kohaku, also known as 'baka neko', is the self-appointed cat of Magical Amber. May or may not not be Kohaku's cat. A laid back, strange cat that likes to keep many secrets, is annoyingly cheerful (to the point where it may not be uncommon for you to shout 'urusai baka neko!') and would like to be your friend. Catch with Quick Ball for supereffectiveness. Is also a scientist, but is neither short nor mad!

Has quite a sickening obsession with Sata andagi, and is a student of Lady Lily, to fight bears (and battle bears) and train under waterfalls. Likes include trying to get japanese locale on this darn PC to work, cats, Witch, being yandere, brooms and Kohaku. She's usually found trying to learn japanese (but, everyone knows its not gonna happen), giggling over memes, enjoying chatting, reading stuffs, and watching series that need to be finished. (they never are, neko's are pretty lazy like that)


Nekohaku has an interest in a lot of things.

... except maybe Sacchin.


  • "Sata andagi!"
  • "Aiya..! [master] is going to kill me.."