Sleeping (ConceptTopic, 3)

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Sleeping is like, the most awesome activity second only to sex. Sleeping means you don't have to do anything, and if you're lucky, you'll go on some crazy delusional adventure through the depths of your mind with absolutely no repurcussions at the end of it. Some people however, decide that sleeping's nowhere near as good as sitting on a computer all night hacking away at the keyboard. Unfortunately for them, it turns out that not only is sleeping extremely pleasurable, but it's also essential to healthy living. Sleep deprived people often end up with physical illnesses such as constant cold symptoms, seemingly dry eyes or disintegrating fingers.

Because some people can't work during the day due to whatever reason, they are forced to make their sleep like that of a raccoon or vampire. This rarely works and usually ends up in fail beyond all reason, leaving said person a sleep deprived zombie who needs to feast on mass amounts of energy drinks and coffee to stay alive.