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Sasaki Rinbokusan is a Touhou fan character from a prank game fangame that was never completed or released, and probably sitting on the author's computer in a nowhere-near-done state if at all (sound familiar?). This game was first revealed by to the VIPPERs of 2ch, for they want to go trolling giving her some sort of popularity there, all the while giving credit to themselves for they are her masters... for some reason (again, sound familiar?). She appears in Touhou Mother - apparently, she came all the way there "to promote her game, Touhou Kandagawa: Fusi a Nasan" - but only has a few lines of dialogue, a boss fight and a melody.

Her given name was first written in kanji, which someone misread, and thus the nickname Suzuki came about. In fact, the correct name Sasaki doesn't appear anywhere in Touhou Mother (unless it's buried in the source somewhere, which, knowing S-chan's habits, it... probably is).

Her PK attacks are to do with more 2ch in-jokes. Here's what the translator had to say:

  • "Rinbokusan tried PK Daddy Alpha!" - Daddycool is sort of a VIPPER (2ch user) mascot, offering invitations to his board of ULTIMATE VIP QUALITY.
  • "Rinbokusan tried PK Wanna Do It? Beta!" - See prior uhhhhh

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, while Touhou Wiki has a plethora of details about fangames, it does not allow pages on fan characters, so like the others, poor Rinbokusan gets no attention. Aww... Oh, hullo, there~ Oh, yeah. She's well-known enough to have her own boss theme~