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Samurai Princess is a webcomic by Kiks and her boyfriend MrFwibbles. It tells the silly adventures of the princess Raeka as she tries to stop a crazy trannie who stole all her clothing.


  • Raeka: the main character and a magical girl. She has a sword and is a princess. Her custom site skin is called Samurai and you can befriend her on facebook.
  • Jackie: Has a fish in her hair and is a token loli. Her custom site skin is called moeblob.
  • Lyonel: a jerk. he has no custom skin because of that.
  • Nick: Aforementioned transsexual. She wants to be the prettiest princess ever. Her custom skin is called Diva!
  • Fawdry: Man with a beard and coffee. Presumed evil. His custom skin is called taproom.
  • Sumo: Big fat man who is chasing Raeka.
  • Gangster Crab[1]: OMG WTF WAS THAT!
  • Flavour Squad: Apparently a bunch of girls who love fruit and vegetables.
  • ???: is a random girl who glows purple and saved Raeka then gave her a necklace. If her name is actually ??? then that is awesome.
  • Mr. Fluffycuddles: Nick's best friend and a raccoon. RACCOONS CAN'T TALK!


Raeka and friends look for stolen princess stuff.

You know what? Just go read the freakin...

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