Minette (EntityTopic, 20)

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Minette is an adorable Dagonian (read: fish person) girl who works as a waitress in the district of Little Innsmouth. Her cuteness was, unfortunately, not missed by some nefarious mobsters who just so happened to be hanging around in the restaurant she was waitressing for. If it weren't for Ms. Fortune, she would have been "eaten" by the goons, or maybe worse. Didn't stop them from being able to kidnap her (and some other Dagonian ladies) in the end, though.

Minette only ever appears in Ms. Fortune's story mode, and she's not even part of the playable roster, nor is she slated to be in upcoming DLC. In the two character contests which were used to determine which named characters would get DLC as part of Lab Zero's fundraiser, she came second! Some fans drew motivational art as she got through each stage, only to be disappointed at the finals. Isn't it sad, Minette?