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Maya Fey, known as 綾里 真宵 Ayasato Mayoi in Japan, is a spirit medium-in-training and Phoenix Wright's girlfriendsidekick when it comes to investigations and suitcases. Despite her tendencies, she's one of the more useful female sidekicks in the gaming history, like it or not. Her sister was a darn-good defense attorney until she was killed by some guy. She can still be channelled by her younger sister to help Phoenix out, though.

Maya's Early Life

Maya was born into a prominent family of spirit mediums where only women can become spirit mediums. Her father died when she was only a baby and her mother disappeared off the face of the Earth when she was just two, leaving her with her sister. Years after that, though, that sister said something about pursuing her dream so she just upped and left to become a lawyer, leaving poor little Maya alone. It isn't much of a problem to her, though, since she needs to be independent to maintain her spiritual powers. 'sides! There's always her aunt and little Pearly! And that one cellphone!


  • What!? It's not the Rocko soundtrack, is it? Claw of the Tiger?