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Irisu Syndrome is an "easy" and relaxing well-puzzle game where you shoot falling colored blocks according to a pretty decent physics engine. Use white or gray blocks that shoot from the mouse cursor to match the colors and break them for massive damage reward.

It also has visual novel-style cutscenes in it, which thankfully don't contain any of those annoying questions that you never pick the right answers to. Catch is, new text files and pictures appear and change whenever you score over a certain amount. And one of said cutscenes will have the character appear outside the frekkin' GAME WINDOW to scare the crap out of you and Ageha... and hit her with a soft nailbat as happy birthday. Better than the game over, t'least!

Unlike a lot of similar Japanese games, this one's actually freeware! Huzzah!

Oh, and one more thing: IT'S NOT NICE TO BREAK IRISU'S FOCUS!


  • Irisu Kyouko - Bunnygirl Witch Extraordinaire Albino. Main character who uses this game to not go ballistic. Loves rabbits, and hates cats because of a certain incident and allergy. It's not nice to break her focus. Also addicted to cough syrup and "white powder".
  • Edogawa Takeru - Blond guy cared about the least, because everyone else gets a little more attention. Likes Ageha and is sorta friends with Uuji. First to vanish/die.
  • Uujima Satoshi - Irisu's "soulmate". Blue-haired loner guy with half-closed eyes. (Sorta familiar, huh?) Likes Irisu back and thinks being killed by her is romantic. Also likes to draw suicidal cats in free time and always wears long sleeves even when it's summer. Second to vanish/die.
  • Age Hatori - Pink-haired genki girl who likes Uuji and loves cats. Is hated by Irisu because of this. Events of the game take place on her birthday. And then there were none.

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