Sonic Lost World (InstanceTopic, 19)

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Sonic Lost World is the newest Sonic game released by SEGA for nextgen consoles nobody cares about the Wii U and 3DS. Like many before it the two versions are completely different, though this time the 3DS version isn't just a rehash of Sonic Rush (it's worse!).

The story is all about Sonic and Tails teaming up with Eggman for like the millionth time ever, this time to stop the Deadly Six from destroying the world. In which we learn Sonic is really caring, Tails has some dumb moments, Eggman is a complicated guy and Keiji can't find the original comment any more, so he had to paraphrase from memory. Also despite being the fastest, Sonic is too slow to save his buddy. Yup.

Gameplay-wise, SLW takes some awesome hints from Sonic X-Treme, and a whole load of gameplay features are just as they damn well should be if SEGA ever wants to make another game to rival the Genesis games. Sadly, the one big let down is the level design still isn't particularly good, but maybe if they stick with the same engine for a few games they'll finally be able to put some effort into this, rather than constantly changing everything every damn game.