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Pandora Hearts is an ongoing manga series brought to you by Mochizukin Jun (Sponsored by Square Enix), who also wrote Crimson-Shell. It's pretty (in?)famous for its humongous list of Alice in Wonderland references and penchant for pretty boys and girls and clothing, though it doesn't attract as much attention as the other manga.

So far, it has a drama CD, novel and 25-episode anime adaptation, licensed by NIS America. Said anime was the pinnacle of notoriety, though, with its QUALITY, little changes from the manga that greatly contradicted with the recent plot points, and, most notably, a really subjective 3-episode end. But! It's not a huge loss~; Yuki Kajiura composed some tracks for it, and, man, are they awesome!

Key points of this series include the aforementioned bishies of many ages and their fancy clothes, notable lack of true sanity in several places, a boy reappearing after ten years of disappearance, in which he spent about a few hours running away from scary Jack Skellington look-alikes and eating cookies with a cute rabbit girl, a freaking old albino with a doll who comes out of your cabinets and is craved by all due to his twenty-something bishie exterior, and last, but not least, chains. Lots of them. Both the monsters and actual metal chains.

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