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An MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is a sub-genre of RPG where instead of pitting you against a bunch of rubberband AIs, you're pitted against a thousand other real human beings. Obviously, these games need a great deal of marketing to get off the ground, which is why half the ads on the Internet are for MMORPGs. Also, almost every one of these is Korean in origin, with the exceptions of Runescape and Final Fantasy 11.

As one of the highest genres on the long-term vs short-term scale, MMORPGs are widely popular with young teenagers like Akkie who have nothing better to do, but they take up far too much time for students like Keiji to get into. Though, that's probably a good thing, since the vast majority of MMORPG players are known to suffer severe withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly cannot access the game for whatever reason.

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