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Gilbert in Wonderland is pretty much what it says on the tin; Gilbert Nightray (When he was still 14 or so) goes to Wonderland, instead of Alice herself. Being a mere omake instead of a novel, there are a lot of twists to the story itself. And this being a Pandora Hearts omake, there's a lot of crack to come across.


One day, Alice and her sister (Ada Vessalius) were reading a book. The problem was that Alice seems to be absent. So... Gilbert-chan was reading a book with "her" sister... but he did not approve, because, just, what is with the dress? He is most obviously a boy! That really didn't change the fact that he was disobeying the word of God, though, so he's gonna have to follow that late rabbit (Oz Vessalius) to the rabbit hole, whether he likes it or not. 'sides, Ada's following, so what could possibly go wrong?

When the two finally landed (Ada landing on Gilbert) they met a servant of the queen (Older Gilbert, AKA Raven) who decided to hear their plight and help them find the rabbit who has gone to the forest, because that's exactly where he needs to go, too. The problem is that Mad Hatter (Xerxes Break), March Hare (Reim Lunettes) and Dormouse (Vincent Nightray) are having their black tea party of terror by that time. Gil's instinct seems to be doing its best to warn him not to go on, but with Mr. Raven, there is nothing to fear! Onwards~

Mad Hatter and Dormouse (March Hare's too busy flailing around to care) are pretty jealous of those invited to the queen's tea party, so they decided to steal the invitation Raven was supposed to deliver to the duchess. They also seem to have something to offer to the queen, as well; that very rabbit Gil came to follow! The poor rabbit reveals that he was always bullied where he came from, and he was just going to his sick grandpa's place when he was captured. Poor little rabbit... Gil and Raven must save him!

Kidnapping an innocent little rabbit as a present... how cruel! (At least March Hare's a complete wuss.) But the queen's pretty fearsome... to her, lack of beauty is non-existent. If something displeases her, then off with his head! She rules through wicked pieces of literature and accepts only good tea, cute shotas and imouto-type lolis... something that Ada-chan, who is currently being carried by Dormouse, is... and so, the two skeddadled it out of here! (The March Hare was left behind, because he was, well, a wuss, you know?)

The rabbit, whose name was Oz, was not very pleased by the fact that, though the two seaweed-heads were able to save a cute little watch-carrying rabbit like him, they were unable to protect a cute little girl like Ada. And so, they must save her! But first... they need the duchess' help! And what perfect timing! The duchess (Lotti) was wanting to try out this potion once she gets there... well, you see, the queen and the duchess aren't really what you'd call "good friends" (The former always nagging about such things as boobies), and if its an opportunity for the duchess to irritate the queen, she'll definitely take it! And so, they enthusiastically headed to the castle~

The plan is, while the queen (Sharon Reinsworth) and the duchess are busy pissing each other off, the two seaweed-heads will rescue Ada. A good plan... if it were not for the Cheshire Cat's (Oscar Vessalius; were you expecting someone else?) appearance. This displeased Raven greatly, and he started gunning the poor cat away... which caused quite a ruckus. The duchess takes advantage of this, and pins the queen down, and with the potion...

What potion? She already threw it to Ada's direction. Turns out, it was an aging potion, and this caused the little loli to grow to a busty babe instantly (Clothes ripping and all, but at least Elly-kun was nice enough to give her some clothes). Needless to say, the queen was greatly unpleased, and a brawl ensued. Cards 5/5Fang (Pandora Hearts)DougEchoJack VessaliusOrange and bets were flying everywhere (Both ladies are Oz's waifus, though), and Raven is getting ready to flee...


Gilbert's had enough of this nonsense! The queen and duchess, the two authority figures of Wonderland... what's wrong with them!? There's no greater shame than disgraceful leaders like those two! The citizens should know better too, and take their behaviors as examples as what not to behave like (And "Cheshire" needs to mind his gender and age). Just... what's there to worry about a missing king (Glen Baskerville) in the first place!? I mean, Gil's own master is going to be missing for the next decade, and he's already dealt with it! What a disgrace... even a little seaweed-head like him can do a better job at ruling than them!


Now, there's an idea.

Since Gil-chan's will is that strong, God's just gonna let him be the king of Wonderland for a while. And so, people continued leading him around as he restores the country to glory using his natural ability to make comebacks as a weapon, and they lived happily ever after~♥

... in before angry Alice for not having appeared for more than one measly panel. LOL

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