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The Demented Cartoon Movie is probably the best damn Flash movie on the entire internet. It's much less forgivable than playing Easy Mode as a grown-up if you haven't seen it before coming across this page. It stars a plethora of stick figures called Blah guys, who inhabit a town called Qrrbrbirlbel and try to avoid being killed by random things like flying watermelons, nuculur explosions, and the infamous Zeeky bomb. It runs for a whooping 30 minutes, and comes with a preset of various standardized DVD control features, such as Pause, Scene Skip, and Rewind. It even has a short theatrical trailer of title missing. It is authored by Brain Kendall.

This will probably mean the page will suck, but it's only purpose is to make a blue link and redirect you to the best waste of your life ever.

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